Stock Number Type/Description Size Manufacturer Date
P-0178 Production Unit Riley Beaird 1983
P-0180 Refrigeration Skid
P-0179 Refrigeration Skid Darenco / Kemco 1980
P-0176 Vapor Recovery Unit S&R Equipment
P-0177 Vapor Recovery Unit Teco 1994
P-0181 JT Plant United Process Systems Valerus 2008
P-0160 Crude Stabilization Unit 2K to 7K BBLS PD
P-0171 Gas Plant 1 MMCFD NATCO 1983
P-0167 Gas Skid 2 MMSCFD Waner (Heat Exchanger) 1979
P-0169 Heat Exchanger Skid 1 MMCFD
P-0128 JT 2 MM Ref JT Plant CK Fabricators 1984
P-0161 JT Plant 1.5 to 3MM @ 1440 CK Fabricatiors 1984
P-0166 Low Pressure Condensate 1 MMSCFD
P-0165 Low Pressure Condensate 1 MMSCFD
P-0172 Process Unit,Fuel Gas Scr Williams/2002 Brown Fintube 2000
P-0173 Production Unit, Water Knockout Riley-Beaird 1984
P-0168 Tower, Straight Refrig 2 MMSCFD Process Equipment Co 1982