Stock Number Description Size Manufacturer Date
M-0453 Absorber 1265PSI, 18"x6' Pall Pneumatics 1987
M-0620 Air Compressor Type GHW2 Quincy
M-0618 Air Cooler 300psi, 6'4" W x 12'9" L, 3 rows R&R Engineering 1983
M-0617 Air Cooler 200psi, 6-1/2' W x 13' L x 6' H, 4 row, 2 pass Air-X-Changer 1992
M-0720 Air Cooler 4735HP@1000RPM Harsco 2009
M-0801 Air Cooler 24'
M-0802 Air Cooler 24'
M-0721 Air Cooler 180", three stage cooler designed for 110F ambient temp. estimated weight 84,750 lbs. Air-X-Changers 2009
M-0781 Back Pressure Regulator 2"
M-0708 Blind Flanges 8" to 24"
M-0352 Blower w/Baldor Elec Mtr 20 HP Falcon Supply
M-0351 Blower w/Baldor Elec Mtr 20 HP Falcon Supply
M-0350 Blower w/Baldor Elec Mtr 20 HP Falcon Supply
M-0577 Blower, on skid 250 HP Roots
M-0660 Capillary Tubing 1/4" Instrumentation & Controls
M-0569 Chiller, Water 300 PSI Trane 1982
M-0492 Compressor 1200 CFM Chicago Pneumatic 1975
M-0424 Compressor 340 Rota Screw Gardner-Denver
M-0769 Compressor 5" x 4" x 2-1/2" Know Western
M-0770 Compressor 8" x 12" Copeland Scroll
M-0809 Compressor Bauer Compressors, Inc. 1997
M-0706 Compressor 8" Stroke Ajax
M-0607 Compressor Model SC-254-WM3-3
M-0768 Compressor Gardner-Denver
M-0426 Compressor Unit, Trl Mtd 450 HP Ingersoll Rand - Centac Compr.
M-0427 Compressor Unit, Trl Mtd 450 HP Ingersoll Rand - Centac Compr.
M-0567 Compressor, Air Gardner-Denver
M-0581 Compressor, Air 100 HP Gardner-Denver
M-0580 Compressor, Air 100 HP Gardner-Denver
M-0499 Compressor, Air 600 CFM 100PSI Westinghouse
M-0556 Compressor, Gas Ingersoll Rand
M-0571 Compressor, Gas Compressor Ski 200 MCFD
M-0265 Condensor, 2-Pass 21'4"x14"x6' Hudson Engr.
M-0589 Condensor, 6 fan 385 PSIG 1996
M-0449 Cooler 4'x4' two rows Happy
M-0137 Cooler with Louvers 300 PSI R&R Engineers 1982
M-0264 Cooler, 2-Pass 2'x34' 1000 PSI R & R Engr. 1989
M-0521 Cooler, 4 rows 2 pass w/louver 300 PSI
M-0266 Cooler, Amine 125 PSI 8' x 28' R & R Engr. 1988
M-0493 Coolers on skid 300PSI 30"x45" Air Ex-Changer 1963
M-0599 Couplings, Water cooled Dodge
M-0784 Diaphram Pump Graco Husky 2150
M-0712 Electric Gen Set 15 KW Onan
M-0709 Electric Motor 15 HP Siemens
M-0710 Electric Motor 15 HP Siemens
M-0717 Engine 47 HP Arrow Engine Co. 2012
M-0716 Engine 47 HP Arrow Engine Co.
M-0639 Feed Heater Entec 1987
M-0456 Filter 100PSI 36"x5' Fram 1974
M-0455 Filter 100PSI 36"x5' Fram 1974
M-0519 Filter 500PSI 12"x40" Pall
M-0520 Filter 500PSI 12"x40" Pall
M-0632 Filter Housing 8"dia x 7'1" Briley Welding 1992
M-0628 Filter Housing 9"dia x 7'1" Briley Welding Inc. 1991
M-0630 Filter Housing 13"dia x 7'1" Briley Welding Inc. 1991
M-0631 Filter Housing 17"dia x 7'2" Briley Welding 1986
M-0633 Filter Housing 7"dia x 4'5" Briley Welding 1992
M-0629 Filter Housing 14"dia x 2'9" Pall Trinity Micro Corp 1980
M-0452 Filter, Charcoal 100 PSI Perry (PECO) 1975
M-0446 Filter, Dry Gas 500 PSI Perry Equip Co 1997
M-0451 Filter, Dry Scrubber 10"x10' 4400PSI Peerless 1968
M-0619 Filter, Jet Fuel 200 psi Velcon 1988
M-0634 Filter/HCC Test Vessel 14"dia x 5'11" Production Management Industries 1993
M-0722 Flair Tower 125' John Zink
M-0399 Flange, Blind 24" 900
M-0400 Flange, Blind 24"900
M-0503 Flange, Blind 48" x 2"
M-0604 Flanges, Blind Various
M-0528 Flare 2"
M-0636 Fuel Gas Expander 2'x21'x4' Beaird
M-0705 Gaskets 1/2" to 24" Flexitallic
M-0422 Generator 300 KW Onan
M-0663 Generator 300 KW, Detroit Diesel Engine IEC
M-0659 Generator 9'x11'x8' Waukesha
M-0715 Generator Generac
M-0388 Generator, 125KW 125 KW EM
M-0481 Generator, Diesel 40 KW Coleman
M-0442 Generator, Gas 120V GA 1400A Kawasaki
M-0610 Generator, Propane Onan
M-0466 Gin Poles, Misc
M-0518 Headers (3) 4",8",12"
M-0467 Heat Exchanger Sh 1320 Tbs 75 Hunt Tool 1980
M-0469 Heat Exchanger Sh 250 Tbs 340 Brown Fintube 1967
M-0491 Heat Exchanger Sh 260 Tbs 1000psi Zone Mfg 1980
M-0379 Heat Exchanger 400Sh/1500Tbs Beaumont Mach Works 1995
M-0647 Heat Exchanger 20 plate 150PSI Alfa Laval Thermal, Inc. 1997
M-0650 Heat Exchanger Titanium plate 150PSI Alfa Laval Thermal, Inc. 1997
M-0527 Heat Exchanger 2'x35"x7' Stewart Warner 1982
M-0525 Heat Exchanger SA 364 Sq Ft Bastex 1984
M-0623 Heat Exchanger 56"x34.5' c.f. Braun&Co. 1961
M-0480 Heat Exchanger Sh 650 Tbs 600 Bastex 1980
M-0479 Heat Exchanger Sh 600 Tbs 200 Bastex 1980
M-0645 Heat Exchanger 27 plate 150PSI Alfa Laval Thermal, Inc. 1997
M-0450 Heat Exchanger 1250 PSI Air Ex-Changer 1989
M-0468 Heat Exchanger Sh 250 Tbs 340
M-0646 Heat Exchanger 26 plate 150PSI Alfa Laval Thermal, Inc. 1997
M-0765 Heat Exchanger 4" x 240" Koch Heat Transfer Co.
M-0513 Heat Exchanger Sh 110 Tbs 100 Worsham-Miller 1974
M-0799 Heat Exchanger 23-480 BEM 2000 A.P.S.I. Applied Process Solutions
M-0803 Heat Exchanger
M-0683 Heat Exchanger Ohmstede 1998
M-0760 Heat Exchanger 8" x 156" Koch Heat Transfer
M-0767 Heat Exchanger 15" x 156" Doosan Mecatec 2008
M-0764 Heat Exchanger 36" x 2.875" Graham Corporation 2009
M-0766 Heat Exchanger Koch Heat Transfer Co. 2009
M-0523 Heat Exchanger Sh 300 Tbs 350 Smithco
M-0761 Heat Exchanger 6" x 312" Koch Heat Transfer Co.
M-0763 Heat Exchanger 4" x 240" Koch Heat Transfer, Co.
M-0762 Heat Exchanger 10" x 240" Koch Heat Transfer Co.
M-0274 Heat Exchanger 1314 Sq Ft. Sh 300 Tbs 1600 Western Supply 1963
M-0403 Heat Exchanger 147Sq Sh 295 Tbs 315 Con-Rad
M-0463 Heat Exchanger Tubes 3/4" Tubes
M-0771 Heat Exchanger Tubes 1" x .109"
M-0464 Heat Exchanger Tubes Stainless 1" Tubes
M-0170 Heat Exchanger or Oil Heater 10'2"x 20'5" Krueger Eng. 1985
M-0497 Heat Exchanger, Aluminum 1'x10'x28" Altec 1994
M-0496 Heat Exchanger, Aluminum 3'x6'x28" Trane 1978
M-0495 Heat Exchanger, Aluminum 3'x6'x28" Trane 1978
M-0522 Heat Exchanger, Double Sh 500 Tbs 500 Brown Fintube 1970
M-0494 Heat Exchanger, Hairpin, 2pass 6"x 41'
M-0600 Heat Exchanger, High Pressure U Tube
M-0484 Heat Exchanger, Plate 100 psi Alfa-Laval 1980
M-0579 Heat Exchanger, Plate SA 2969 Sq Ft Superchanger
M-0608 Heat Exchanger, Plate, St/St 34" x 31"
M-0345 Heat Exchanger; 424 Sq Ft Sh 500 Tbs 600 Brown Fin Tube
M-0326 Heat Exchanger; 746 Sq Ft Sh 1650 Tb 1625 Western Supply 1963
M-0806 Heater 30" x 10' 2010
M-0805 Heater 36' x 10' 2010
M-0640 Heater Treater 72"OD x 20' S/S Sivalls 1989
M-0504 Heater, Line 2"6pass 2"2pass United Process Systems 2004
M-0374 Heater, Line 1.5 MM 9000 PSI XXXH Allen Tank 1993
M-0637 Heavy Wall Pipe
M-0780 Hose
M-0465 Hydraulic Ram for Elevator 3 Story
M-0624 Hydrogen Tubes 24" x 20' USS 1971
M-0625 Hydrogen Tubes 24" x 20' USS 1971
M-0808 Instumentation & Controls, Valves, Regulator, Pump
M-0789 Kimray Pump Kimray
M-0514 Mats, Wood (Qty 16) 16' x 10'
M-0641 Meter Run 6" Senior Daniel
M-0413 Meter Run 30" x 1440 PSI Daniels
M-0485 Meter Run 2" on Skid
M-0642 Meter Run 6" Senior Daniel
M-0704 Meter Run 2" Sure Shot
M-0684 Meter Run Sure Shot
M-0459 Meter Tubes 4"
M-0160 Meter Tubes 3600 PSI
M-0457 Meter Tubes 4"
M-0159 Meter Tubes 3600 PSI
M-0158 Meter Tubes 3600 PSI
M-0157 Meter Tubes 3600 PSI
M-0458 Meter Tubes 4"
M-0454 Meter Tubes 6" Daniel Simplex
M-0460 Meter Tubes 4"
M-0462 Meter Tubes 3"
M-0524 Metering Vessel, Vert, 5 Bbl 550PSI 24"x10' Maloney Crawford 1983
M-0658 Methanol Injection Skid 10'4" AGI Industries 2005
M-0248 Motor 600 HP 2300 V G E
M-0246 Motor 200 HP 2300 V G E
M-0258 Motor 400 HP, 60 GPM Eaton Dynamic Motor
M-0245 Motor 200 HP 2300 V G E
M-0249 Motor 600 HP 2300 V G E
M-0392 Motor & Blower, Electric 350 HP 460V Reliance
M-0391 Motor & Blower, Electric 350 HP 460V Reliance
M-0390 Motor, Electric 450 HP 4000V Reliance
M-0713 Onan Electric Gen Set 1800rpm Onan
M-0343 Oxidizer 300,000 BTU QB Johnson 1995
M-0425 Piers, Concrete (2) 9' Diameter
M-0726 Poly Tank Tank Works
M-0727 Poly Tank Tank Works
M-0728 Poly Tank Tank Works
M-0735 Poly Tank Tank Works
M-0748 Poly Tank Tank Works
M-0555 Port a Check 18" x 48" Engleman General
M-0445 Process Unit-Fuel Gas Scrubber 600 PSI Brown Fintube/Williams
M-0626 Production Unit 16" od x 7.2' oal Riley Beaird 1984
M-0788 Production Unit 16" x 6' American Tank & Steel Corp. 1981
M-0490 Pump Blackmer
M-0489 Pump 15 HP Blackmer
M-0487 Pump 40 HP Gould
M-0566 Pump 5 HP Blackmer
M-0486 Pump 5 HP Corken
M-0332 Pump 15 HP Blackmer
M-0586 Pump 30 HP, 1700 GPM Gould
M-0331 Pump 15 HP Blackmer
M-0627 Pump 4' Blackmer 2005
M-0772 Pump Western Chemical Pumps, Inc.
M-0656 Pump - Submersible Stainless Steel
M-0559 Pump, Centrifugal 1500GPM, 289HF Aurora
M-0431 Pump, Self Priming IrrI-Gator
M-0714 Pumping Unit 8' x 5' x 7' General Motors
M-0662 Quick Closure T.D. Williamson, Inc.
M-0661 Quick Closure T.D. Williamson, Inc.
M-0585 Railroad Car Bolsters 1 Pair
M-0412 Reboiler 16,800 MBTU ABCO 1992
M-0621 Reboiler 36"od x 12' Smith 1993
M-0482 Reboiler (glycol reboiler?) 1000 BTU/HR NATCO 1973
M-0563 Refrigeration Plant York 1983
M-0564 Refrigeration Plant 30HP, 1175RPM, 460volts, 35.5 amps, 60HZ, Reliance
M-0574 Refrigeration Unit 200 MCFD
M-0573 Refrigeration Unit 100 MCFD
M-0572 Refrigeration Unit 100 MCFD
M-0613 Refrigeration Unit 1 MMCFD Trane
M-0498 Regen Skid 125,000 BTU QB Johnson 1995
M-0576 Rolls, for Tank Repair 1 Pair
M-0578 Rolls, for Tank Repair 1 Pair
M-0575 Rolls, for Tank Repair 1 Pair
M-0598 Roof Truss 13'6x60'x2'9"
M-0506 Skid 8'x 24'x1'
M-0505 Skid, Qty (2) 8'x30'x9"
M-0593 Skid, Qty 5 Various
M-0570 Skid, with lifting eyes 6' x 18' x 10"
M-0587 Stabilizer 10" x 18'
M-0592 Stand 6'x14'x6'
M-0591 Stand 6'x14'x6'
M-0517 Stands, Walkover (Qty 7)
M-0782 Steel Plates
M-0783 Steel Tubing
M-0665 Storage Tank 4' x 3'
M-0675 Storage Tank 3' 8" x 44"
M-0674 Storage Tanks 3’2” x 3’9” x 3’10”
M-0681 Storage Tanks 3’2” x 3’10” x 3’6”
M-0682 Storage Tanks 3'2" x 3'10" x 3'4"
M-0606 Tank Head 4'6"x 1/4"thick
M-0605 Tank Heads 8'x 3/8"thick
M-0501 Tank Heads 10'x10'x1"
M-0614 Tank Saddles Various
M-0259 Tank, Fiberglass 250 Gal.
M-0014 Tank, Water, Trailer Mounted 7,200 Gallon
M-0511 Tanks, poly, caged, skidded 300 Gallon
M-0251 Thermal Oxidizer 44"od X 12's/s TulPro 1993
M-0516 Threader Ridgid
M-0664 Trailer 4' x 10' Chevron
M-0588 Trailer, Large Scrap Hauler 9'6" x 47'
M-0603 Trailer, Pipe 8' x 43'
M-0443 Trailer, Rock Pup 12-1/2' TRSV 1975
M-0408 Transport with Compartments
M-0401 Transport, Propane 10,400 Gallon Lubbock Mfg 1969
M-0500 Transport, Water 6' x 35'
M-0509 Trash Carts (23)
M-0565 Trash Containers 4'x 8'x 5' tall
M-0355 Treater, Electrostatic 10' x 45' x 50P Natco/Petreco 1971
M-0654 Valve 14" Weir Valves & Controls
M-0653 Valve 8" Proserv Engineering
M-0652 Valve 8" Proserv Engineering
M-0651 Valve 8" Proserv Engineering
M-0655 Valve 14" Weir
M-0711 Valve & Gas regulators 1/4" to 2" Max, Kimray, Fisher, Mallard, & Murphy
M-0176 Vapor Recovery Unit S&R Equipment
M-0409 Vaporizer 8000 GPH 250PSI
M-0237 Waste Heat Recovery Unit Killebrew Engineering
M-0381 Wellhead, Xmas Tree, St/St 20,000 PSI WKM
M-0807 Yellow Skid